Mastering the art of basketball not only requires players to shoot the ball into the basket effectively, but it also requires players to move their feet and maneuver the basketball. Dribbling is a fundamental skill for basketball players to learn and master. Dribbling is a basic move that you have to comprehend if you want to become a good basketball player. It allows players to advance on the court and leave the other team’s defense behind.

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A great way to master your dribbling skills is first to learn to dribble with one hand and, after that, move to both hands. Excellent dribbling skills will allow you to keep defenders on their toes and increase your threat as an offensive player. Basketball development programs are a great way to enhance and further develop your dribbling skills. Below are some of our favorite drills, to help you gain confidence and beat opponents.


Youth basketball development program drill #1: power crossover

Power dribble in your right hand and following that quickly bounce the ball to your left hand and dribble for a few seconds. Keep alternating the ball to both hands to strengthen your skills.


Youth basketball development program drill #2: dribble blindfolded

This may sound far stretched, but we promise it works. Wrap a cloth around your head blindfolded and power dribble the ball for 60 seconds. This will help you enhance your tactile sense of the ball. To make the drill even more challenging, you can perform it at the center of a basketball court, walking around while dribbling or also try dribbling two balls – one in each hand.


Youth basketball development program drill #3: 10-5 repeats

This drill focuses on developing your strength with one hand at a time. Choose the hand you would like to practice on and power dribble for 10 seconds and then soft dribble for 5 seconds. Repeat this multiple times until you gain confidence. This particular drill will teach your arm muscle how to alternate between various dribbling speeds that may occur during gameplay.


Youth basketball development program drill #4: dribble between legs

Practice this drill on a segment of the basketball court and power dribble the ball between your legs to practice excellent dribbling skills.


Youth basketball development program drill #5: power dribbling sprints

This drill will require you to run back and forth on the basketball court and dribble to the nearest foul-line and then return back to the baseline. After that, dribble to the middle of the court and return and finally dribble to the furthest foul line and then return to the baseline. You can also dribble the entire length of the court and return it back to the baseline. Repeating this multiple times will help strengthen your dribbling technique and skill on-court.


Youth basketball development program drill #6: chair dribbling

Set up three cones or chairs, spacing them around 3 meters apart and power dribble around the chairs/cones in different shapes, including figure eights, circles, or any other shape.


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Mastering your dribbling skills will help you on the court, in turn helping you win games. Playing basketball requires you to enhance all your skills, from shooting to dribbling to defending. You can not expect to win games or become a pro-player if you are only good at one. Youth basketball development programs can teach you the fundamentals of basketball and help you reach your goals.