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Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world today. The NHL, or National Hockey League, has evolved over the years into one of the most talked-about sporting events. This sport is not only played by men and women from all walks of life, but it also is played by kids from all over the world. There are even countries where hockey is seen as a sport more than anything else. Sports have become part of the culture and the lives of millions of people around the world. These sports can be used to teach people valuable lessons and how to become successful. In this article, I will give you the best of the best hockey news articles you need to know about.

There are quite a few famous hockey players on the ice today. All these hockey players put in a lot of hard work and dedication towards improving their skills at the rink. One such player is Josef Stalin. Stalin is one of the most skilled hockey players in the world today. Stalin is known for his phenomenal stickhandling, and passing skills. Other famous hockey players include Mats Sundin, Vincent Lecavalier, Chris Chelios, Wayne Gretzky, Marty McSorley, Eric Lindros, Jacques Lemaire, and Vincent Damphousse. All these players paved the way for hockey to get as much publicity as it has today.

Hockey is fun, it’s very intense, and it’s exciting. Fans of hockey enjoy watching all the action that goes on at the rink. However, there are many things you need to consider when looking at the hockey news. You should keep in mind the fact that hockey fans have all types of interest in hockey, and if you want to get your news from them, make sure to read the hockey news articles on truesportsfan.com

5 players the Boston Bruins could trade for by the deadline

As the NHL trade deadline swiftly approaches, the Boston Bruins will be buyers. Here are five players that may end up donning a Bruins’ jersey before the Feb. 24 deadline expires.Earlier this week, the NHL saw its first real...

FanSided’s best ‘couples’ of sports and entertainment

Couples come in all shapes and sizes and from all sports and entertainment mediums. FanSided is looking at some of the best couples in sports and entertainment.Valentine’s Day is that wonderful time of year where we all sit back...

Wild fire head coach Bruce Boudreau in the middle of a playoff race

The Minnesota Wild are chasing a playoff spot, and yet have let go head coach Bruce Boudreau of three years on Friday.Head coach Bruce Boudreau will not be leading the Minnesota Wild to a surprise playoff appearance this season....

Ice Cold Takes: The Kassian kick, Chara doesn’t like Gallagher, a rival for Gritty

Ice Cold Takes is a weekly NHL humor column. Hopefully this Valentine’s day doesn’t hit you like a skate to the chest.Hard not to kick off this week’s NHL column without talking about the latest from Zack Kassian. On...

5 candidates to replace Bruce Boudreau as Minnesota Wild coach

The Minnesota Wild suddenly fired head coach Bruce Boudreau on Friday morning, and here are five candidates to replace him.The Minnesota Wild have won seven of their last 11 games to move to within three points of a Wild...

The San Jose Sharks just aren’t meant to win a Stanley Cup

DENVER, COLORADO - JANUARY 16: Erik Karlsson #65 of the San Jose Sharks fires a shot on goal against the Colorado Avalanche in the first period at the Pepsi Center on January 16, 2020 in Denver,...

The timing of Bruce Boudreau’s firing makes no sense for the Wild

The Minnesota Wild are right in the playoff race, and out performing the low expectations placed on them this season. So why did they fire Bruce Boudreau?The Minnesota Wild continue to be one of the confusing franchises in the...

2020 NHL trade deadline top buyers and sellers

The race to the 2020 NHL trade deadline is heating up, but which teams will be buying and which will be selling this season?Outside of the playoffs, the NHL trade deadline is often classified as the most wonderful time...

Los Angeles Kings trade Tyler Toffoli to the Vancouver Canucks

The Los Angeles Kings have officially parted ways with 27-year-old centerman Tyler Toffoli in the midst of a lost season.Tyler Toffoli’s eight-year career with the Los Angeles Kings has come to an end. On Monday, the forward was traded...

NHL Heroes and Heels: Zack Kassian’s kick heard around the world

Heroes and Heels is a weekly NHL column highlighting the heroes and villains of the last week of hockey. You’ll get a real kick out of this week’s if you like suspensions.The NHL, and the hockey world, waited with...


Seton Hall dodges Quincy McKnight scare before Georgetown

Seton Hall finally lost a game, but it caught two breaks since its 10-game winning streak was snapped on Saturday by Xavier. Sometimes, it’s...