Starting with the Nets game at Golden State on YES Thursday night and extending to the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments and beyond, many games on TV will be broadcast without fans due to the coronavirus.

From talking with TV producers and executives, there will be adjustments. Here are four things you will likely see.

1. Seven-second delay everywhere: Without fans, everything players say could be heard — from foul language to trash talk. Networks will take extra precautions.

While national games are usually on a seven-second delay, local ones will be, too. And networks may choose to extend it a little more to be safe.

2. Camera angles: Without having to worry about obscuring the view of fans, producers will have more of a free rein to try new angles. This may produce shots that viewers have never seen before.

3. Announcer positions: With no fans in the arena, what broadcasters say may be heard by all. Now, there is likely going to be music played during the games to up the ambience, but there may be some times where players and coaches can hear what the analysts are saying on both TV and radio.

Plus, the crews are going to have to be cognizant of not being situated too close to each other so they are not constantly bleeding into each other’s broadcasts.

4. Where things could go: If the games without fans continue, it could lead to broadcasters being located in a network studio to call the game off monitors.

There could be a scenario for NBA games where the home feed is taken by both teams. In that case, there would be just one broadcast. That is not the situation at this point, but it could happen.