Free agent linebacker Kyle Van Noy says he wants to be a priority for a team in free agency, and the Giants could make him one.

Van Noy, 28, is one of several impending free agents in New England getting overshadowed by NFL headliner Tom Brady. As the Patriots are likely to prioritize their four-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback, Van Noy doesn’t see himself waiting around for much longer.

“It is interesting, but I’m going to be honest, I want to be a priority for a team and I feel I have to go where someone is going to make me a priority,” Van Noy told this week. “I’m sure New England knows that. If that opportunity comes, it comes.

“I’ll be frank, I don’t see myself waiting around. I’m pretty sure those guys aren’t going to wait around either. They’re really good at their craft. They’re at the top of the league at their position, so it’ll be interesting.”

Van Noy, who is a free agent for the first time in his career, said he has yet to have any discussions with New England about a new deal, adding that he’s “sure they’re waiting for Tom.” So it would appear that Van Noy will be negotiating with other teams.

Kyle Van Noy
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With the recent hiring of head coach Joe Judge and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, both of whom have New England roots, the Giants have some familiar faces for Van Noy to reunite with. The Giants also will be looking to add playmakers at linebacker after cutting Alec Ogletree and Kareem Martin from the position this offseason.

Serving as a signal-caller for the Patriots, Van Noy has proven to be a versatile player that can easily acclimate to Graham’s system. After the Lions traded him to New England in October 2016, Van Noy played many roles for New England.

“That’s been the main topic for me: What’s your position?” Van Noy said. “But like I tell everybody, ‘How good of a football player do you want? Someone who can do it all?’ I don’t want a position.

“I kind of view myself in the Tyrann Mathieu mold. Obviously, we play different positions, but he’s a football player. I view myself the same way. I can play on the ball, off the ball, I can drop into coverage, I can rush the passer, I can do every single thing you want.”