Arch Manning has become one of the most-discussed high school football prospects in the country despite just finishing his freshman season, and it’s not hard to understand why.

The 15-year-old quarterback is the son of Cooper Manning, who is Peyton and Eli’s brother and Archie’s oldest son. He plays at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, where Cooper, Peyton and Eli all played. His 34 touchdowns in 2019 were the most in the greater New Orleans area.

We’ve heard a lot about Arch Manning. We haven’t heard from Arch Manning. It appears the teen prodigy is being protected, as unlike most kids his age, he’s not on social media, according to Sports Illustrated, and has never been interviewed. The Manning family wouldn’t comment about Arch to SI.

“They’re very private and protective of Arch,” John Georges, who owns the Advocate and the Times-Picayune, told SI. “As much as they try to keep a lid on it, there’s a buzz. Certain people know how to raise thoroughbreds. The Mannings know how to raise athletes.”

Arch currently has zero scholarship offers because, the report says, his family has turned them all down. He did reportedly meet with LSU head coach Ed Orgeron last month after the Tigers won the national championship. Cooper, like Eli and Peyton, was a top high school prospect and committed to Ole Miss before spinal stenosis ended his career.

The most buzz the Mannings created about the blossoming third-generation prospect was when grandfather Archie told the Indianapolis Star last fall, “He’s probably a little ahead of [Peyton and Eli] as a freshman.”

But the family is trying to keep media away from the future star.

“They’ve shut everything down,” Ken Trahan, a New Orleans radio media member, told SI, “but the attention is going to come.”