The Dallas Stars should highly consider this type of alternate jersey for 2020-21 after the success of their Winter Classic look.

There’s no doubt that hockey and the NHL are arguably the most decorative sport when it boils down to its hardware and uniforms. After rebranding and unveiling newly designed sweaters back in the 2012-13 season, the Dallas Stars have donned a top-tier NHL uniform. The victory green, white, silver and black pops and gains everyone’s attention for the better.

The layout and design are clean and just portray what a hockey sweater ultimately stands for. While the Stars wore three different types of jerseys this season — in large part thanks to the Winter Classic — it’s time for Dallas to introduce an alternate jersey.

This hockey jersey expert has a few ideas of what a potential third jersey should entail for the Lone Star State.

First and foremost, the team’s fourth alternate jersey should have black as its base color. If there’s a team that can pull off black for a third jersey, it’s Dallas.

Keeping the layout and design consistent with the team’s home and away sweaters is key. Let’s not forget that Dallas should stitch its primary logo as the main crest for the Stars’ future third jersey. The Stars don’t need to reinvent the wheel or follow through with the same mistake Dallas made with the Taurus constellation sweater from 2003-04.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While keeping this sweater predominantly black, the Stars should replicate their road jersey’s layout and design, but leave out the shoulder yokes. Instead of entailing the yokes — save the space for a shoulder patch on both sides.

The alternate state of Texas logo, that can be seen on the team’s pants, would complement the sweater and offer a change of pace.

Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

One major detail the Stars should consider is the piping and stripes located at the base and on the sleeve-areas of the jersey. Let’s face the facts, the stripes and piping are deal breakers for any hockey jersey.

An intriguing look would portray two stripes just like the road jerseys, but have a white stripe above the green one.

One more subtle detail to consider is the collar area of the jersey. An all-black collar with a smaller green border placed on the top area of the collar would offer a sleek appearance.

This type of third jersey arguably offers an intimidation factor while staying true to Dallas’ jersey history.

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