The Knicks are coming off a victory over the Pistons on Sunday at Madison Square Garden. The big story, though, is Kenny Atkinson now being available after this season. Kazeem Famuyide and I are joined in studio by New York Post sports writer Peter Botte.

We discuss the Nets’ surprising firing of Atkinson and the possible reasons for it. We talk about the tremendous job he has done and the potential of the Knicks hiring him after the season is over. We also break down other coaching staff possibilities, including a potential dream trio of Atkinson, Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau. We then discuss what holes need to be filled on the roster and this summer’s top draft picks and free agents.

Kaz and I talk about the importance of a good high school coach, which leads to a few clips from my chat with Ben Affleck. Affleck spoke about his role in the “The Way Back” as a high school basketball coach, the preparation that went into it and it being the first sports movie he’s starred in. Affleck does a tremendous impression of Nick Nolte from “Blue Chips.”

New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg then joins the show. He talks about the Spike Lee drama at Madison Square Garden and the Knicks’ image. Rosenberg compares James Dolan to Dan Snyder and says the Redskins owner is better for not reacting to little things and being extra petty. He also talks about Atkinson potentially moving across town to coach the Knicks, his hosting experience at Hot 97 and “The Michael Kay Show” and his return to WWE as a host.

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