Free from the law, Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has graciously accepted the position as host of the 2020 Sports Oscars.

What is there to say about Gritty that has not already been said by the world? We know his story by now. How Gritty was unveiled as the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot in September 2018. The initial rejection and disgust from the Philadelphia faithful, then mere hours later, reconciliation as the city rallied around him in the wake of the rest of the world’s consternation.

Speaking as an Eastern Pennsylvania native (hello, Bucks County), Gritty wholly embodies the Philadelphia sports experience. The us-against-the-world mentality, a disarming appearance and a chaotic nature masks the intense passion the city feels for its sports teams. In sports, Philadelphia expects greatness, and Gritty — flaws and all — has become greater than the city itself.

So great, in fact, that Gritty has become a sports legend in a very short amount of time. His rise to fame surpassed the Flyers’ expectations, becoming a meme, an icon and a constant troll in and outside of the sports world at large. In his first year as a mascot, he even won a Webby Award and gave the best, most Philly speech imaginable.

Though he was embroiled in some recent controversy (in the most Philadelphian way possible), as he was under investigation for allegedly punching a 13-year-old child, police cleared him of any wrongdoing a few weeks later, letting the public breathe a sigh of relief for the beloved public figure.

It’s only right and proper then, with his crime record exonerated, that we announce that Gritty himself is the only choice we could possibly make for the host of the 2020 Sports Oscars. Gritty is a comedian at heart who is not afraid to make digs at other fanbases, cleans up well in a suit, brings pure concentrated chaotic energy to everything he does and oozes showmanship from every piece of fur on his fuzzy orange body.

Also — spoiler alert! — considering the lack of respect for hockey in the 2020 Sports Oscars, Gritty’s presence keeps the NHL from being shut out of a high-profile victory, unlike the last 47 years for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This will be Gritty’s first time hosting the Sports Oscars, the highly respected facsimile of the branded annual award event for movies and film. Any and all likeness to said award is intentional and meant as playful satire.

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Editors Note: FanSided does not endorse the actions or statements made by Gritty during the course of the 2020 Sports Oscars. Any attendees voluntarily assume all risks incident to this event, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury, including specifically (but not exclusively) pies to the face, personal roasts and general tomfoolery.