The Instagram model who attempted to run onto the field during Super Bowl 2020 said Thursday that she was injured by the stadium security who foiled her stunt.

Model Kelly Kay told TMZ she is in pain from being manhandled at Hard Rock Stadium and has bruises covering both her arms.

The 27-year-old social media influencer appeared to be fine after the incident, sharing a collection of images from her eventful weekend on Instagram, including the moment security dragged her away and her mug shot.

But Kay now says she was so full of adrenaline that she didn’t notice how bad the take-down was.

After being tackled to the ground and prevented from stripping, Kelly was holed up in a cold cell under the stadium waiting to be processed for eight hours while wearing just a skimpy bathing suit, according to TMZ.

She even said she was interrogated by the FBI. The stunt woman faces up to a year in jail.

In October, MLB banned Julia Rose and Lauren Summer indefinitely after they flashed cameras behind home plate at the World Series in Washington.

49ers Chiefs Super Bowl Football
Security guards tackling a woman who tried to get on the field at the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl LIV - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers
The woman being escorted out by security.