The ST LOUIS BLUES Best Coaches of All Time

by Jesse M. Earl on October 04, 2023


The ST LOUIS BLUES, a name that resonates with hockey enthusiasts worldwide, has carved out a special place in the NHL's history. Their journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, from thrilling victories to heartbreaking defeats. But through it all, one constant has remained: exceptional coaching. In exploring the best coaches of all time for the ST LOUIS BLUES, we will explore the personalities, strategies, and moments that define their tenures.

Bernie Federko: The Maestro of the Ice

Bernie Federko, a name synonymous with the ST LOUIS BLUES, didn't just coach; he orchestrated symphonies on ice. His coaching style was akin to a maestro conducting an orchestra, bringing out the best in his players. Here's why he's considered one of the best:

  • Player-Coach Excellence: Federko seamlessly transitioned from a stellar playing career to coaching. His deep understanding of the game made him an inspirational leader.

  • Building Team Chemistry: He had a knack for uniting players from diverse backgrounds, creating a tightly-knit team that played as one.

  • Strategic Brilliance: Federko's strategies on the ice were akin to those of a chess grandmaster. He could anticipate opponents' moves and set his team up for success.

Al Arbour: The Mastermind Behind the Bench

Al Arbor's name shines brightly when you think of legendary NHL coaches. Though he's often associated with the New York Islanders, his stint with the St. LOUIS BLUES left an indelible mark. Here's why:

  • Adaptive Coaching: Arbour had a unique ability to adapt his coaching style to suit his roster. He could mold rookies into stars and veterans into mentors.

  • Defensive Prowess: The ST LOUIS BLUES under Arbour were renowned for their defensive prowess. He built a wall of defense that opponents found nearly impenetrable.

  • Playoff Success: Arbour's coaching wizardry led the BLUES to multiple playoff appearances, and his emphasis on discipline was a cornerstone of their success.

Joel Quenneville: The Modern Dynamo

In the modern era, Joel Quenneville has stood out as one of the most successful and respected coaches. His time with the ST LOUIS BLUES showcased his potential. Here's what set him apart:

  • Player Development: Quenneville had a knack for nurturing young talent, and helping players reach their full potential. His mentorship played a pivotal role in the BLUES' success.

  • Adaptability: He was a coach who could adapt to changing game dynamics. His flexibility in strategy kept the BLUES competitive in an ever-evolving NHL.

  • Leadership: Quenneville's leadership extended beyond the ice; he instilled a winning mentality and fostered a culture of excellence within the team.

The ST LOUIS BLUES have seen their fair share of ups and downs, but remarkable coaching talents have consistently shaped their legacy. Each coach brought unique strengths to the franchise, from Bernie Federko's maestro-like approach to Al Arbour's defensive brilliance and Joel Quenneville's modern dynamism.

As we celebrate the best coaches of all time for the ST LOUIS BLUES, it becomes evident that their contributions extend far beyond the confines of the rink. They've left an enduring mark on the team's culture, history, and the hearts of fans who proudly chant, "Let's Go BLUES!" These coaches are more than just leaders; they are legends who have elevated the ST LOUIS BLUES to a place of honor in the world of hockey.


Who is considered the greatest coach in ST LOUIS BLUES history?

While opinions may vary, many consider Al Arbour the greatest coach in ST LOUIS BLUES history, thanks to his incredible tenure and defensive strategies.

How did Bernie Federko contribute to the BLUES as a coach?

Bernie Federko's coaching legacy is defined by his ability to build team chemistry, strategic brilliance, and a seamless transition from player to coach.

What makes Joel Quenneville a modern coaching dynamo?

Joel Quenneville's success lies in his player development, adaptability to changing game dynamics, and strong leadership qualities.

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