'-2-pc Deluxe Car Mat Set-True Sports Fan

Georgia Tech 2-pc Deluxe Car Mat Set

$ 82.50
Georgia Tech 2-pc Deluxe Car Mat Set 21"x27"
FANMATS 2 Piece Deluxe Car Mat Set is the perfect combination between our Vinyl and Carpet Car Mats. The base and edges are made from Vinyl, but there is a carpeted overlay down the middle. Vinyl construction adds stability and longevity to the mat, while the carpeted area is ribbed to scrape your shoes clean and trap the debris. The sides feature 2 3D molded inserts that show your favorites teams name in their colors. To ensure a great custom fit in your ride, the edges are trimmable so that you can contour the mat to your vehicles footwell. To keeps these mats looking pristine only basic care is needed, simply vacuum the carpeted and wipe down the team inserts.
Size: 21"x27"
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH): 27"x21"x1"