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MLB - Cleveland Indians Seat Cover

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MLB - Cleveland Indians Seat Cover 20"x48"
Protect your seats while showing off your team with Sports Licensing Solutions Embroidered Seat Covers. Embroidering the logo means that the logo will never come off. The black polyester material that makes up the seat covers is soft and the side mesh panels add a touch of style while being breathable so it doesnÕt get to hot in the summer. While the cover slips over the seat there is also a set of hooks that go between the seat base and back to ensure that the cover is stable and doesnÕt move while driving. The seat covers will conform to most seats, they only seats it doesnÕt work with are seats with attached arm rest or side airbags for safety reasons. Keep your cover looking new with a quick wash on a gentle cycle and then let air drive. Sold individually.
Size: 20"x48"
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH): 9"x6"x6"