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University of Oklahoma 2 Utility Mats

$ 49.50
University of Oklahoma 2 Utility Mats 14"x17"
Show off your team pride with FANMATS 2 Piece Utility Mat Set. These mats are designed for the second and third rows of vehicles, so the size of the mats is only 14 inches tall by 17 inches wide, but their versatility also makes them great as door mats, workbench mats and many more options. Constructed from 100% heavy duty vinyl, ware on the mats is not an issue, they will last for years to come. Each mat includes a 7-inch square molded 3D logo insert of your team in true team colors, ridges through the mat to scrape dirt and debris from shoes trapping the dirt in the valleys, and nibbed backing to ensure the mat stays in place. Cleaning the mats is a breeze simply vacuum and wipe down with a soapy cloth.
Size: 14"x17"
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH): 17"x14"x0.75"